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The Citadel Project is a non-profit “distributed think-tank” of associated enterprise architects, ontologists, data modellers, corporate lawyers, systems specialists, commercial business people and engineers.

It is designed to promote the use and development of architectural frameworks, methods and principles so they become standard tools to analyse, design, build and manage the holistic, comprehensive Enterprise 2.0.

C.I.T.A.D.E.L stands for Construction, IT And DEfence Law.  Its goal is to extend the technical metamodel surrounding standard UML semantics to incorporate commercial (financial and legal) components of complex programs.  In this way, the CITADEL Project will enable businesses to compile a single comprehensive analytical model for multi-dapartmental, cross-functional analysis and thereby partially solve the problem of corporate entropy (i.e. the loss of energy as analysis is translated into action from one department to the next.

Rory Cleland is a former commercial lawyer and business consultant who specialises in the programme assurance of large and complex deals. His expertise is in designing and managing contracts for complex and evolving systems, primarily in the construction, IT and Defence industries. Over the last 15 years he has developed a broad and eclectic background in the military and defence systems. He now concentrates on the use of systems engineering methods to develop contracts directly from business and technical architectures. Rory started the Defence Practice at Norman Waterhouse Lawyers in Adelaide and extended the engineering and architecture processes of his Defence clients so they may ‘architect’ their own contracts.
Rory is a self-styled “anti-lawyer”. Instead of standard legal drafting he uses architectural frameworks and systems engineering methods to de-risk and assure commercial solutions and allow an enterprise to ‘architect’ their own perfect contract.

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