The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing? T Reply

The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing?

There is no doubt that cloud computing is the technical elixir of our time. Unlike standard corporate virtualisation/thin client operating models the current technology provides 3 things in unison:
1. Huge processing capacity allows powerful software to run complex computations on very small devices.
2. Commoditisation means that there is a huge range of cloud-based software out there.
3. Commoditisation plus the simplicity of developer platforms has meant huge downward cost pressures.

Is this the perfect storm?


In order to create the perfect storm 1 additional factor would need to be present; Personal Virtualisation.

In order to create a competitive advantage through differentiation (particularly for professional service firms and other knowledge workers) the cloud computing offerings needs to provide for personalised virtualisation of applications or whole systems.

Although this is possible now it is not commoditised to the extent that it allows standard lay people the opportunity to take advantage of it. When this happens and knowledge workers can access highly specialised/customised niche apps through web browsers, then we can say that ‘cloud’ has come of age.

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